Manufacturer VDL
Max. Gross Vehicle Weight 27ton
Battery 84kWh
Range 400km
Fuel cell capacity 88kW
Power total 210kW
Torque 2000Nm
H2 storage 30 kg @ 350 bar
Fuel cell manufacturer Ballard
Status Demonstration project H2-Share started in April 2020


The project will demonstrate the readiness of hydrogen technology for heavy-duty applications in real life conditions in different regions in North-West Europe (NWE). Based upon the demo’s, a joint roadmap for zero-emission heavy-duty trucks in NWE will be developed. The project also aims to realise knowledge sharing between regions.

In the EU the logistics sector contributes to 25% of total transport sector CO2 emissions. While battery electric trucks can operate efficiently in urban areas, hydrogen technology has a key role to play in zero-emission logistics over longer distances. Heavy-duty vehicles with a fuel cell range extender – while not yet commercially available in het EU – have huge potential.

‘H2-Share’ stands for ‘Hydrogen Solutions for Heavy-duty transport Aimed at Reduction of Emissions in North West Europe’. The objective is to facilitate the development of a market for low-carbon heavy-duty vehicles, run on hydrogen, for logistic applications. This will form a basis for the development of a zero-emission heavy-duty vehicle industry in the region.

The project is funded by Interreg NWE and is coordinated by WaterstofNet.

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