The H2-Share hydrogen fuel cell truck has had a successful demonstration in Schelluinen, in the Netherlands. Next, it is going to DHL in Germany, with demonstrations to follow in France and Belgium. H2-Share is extremely optimistic that the truck will become an essential element of emission-free heavy-duty transport going forward.

BREYTNER succesfully tested the hydrogen-powered 27 ton rigid truck in three different delivery routes. Thanks to the fact that a hydrogen truck offers a bigger action radius, it didn’t have an impact on the logistical planning. Furthermore, it fills up quickly (in roughly 10 minutes) and is less noisy. A formal evaluation of the demonstration for BREYTNER, done by sister company Vlot Logistics will follow shortly.

Not only is the truck up and running, but the mobile hydrogen refuelling station (HRS), built by the German company Wystrach, is well-functioning too. Since the system was handed over to the team in Schelluinen, the refuelling is happening nearly daily, fully automated and hassle-free. Unique about the HRS is that it enables the use of trucked-in green hydrogen (produced through solar and wind energy).

The H2-Share video shows that the hydrogen and fuel cell technology is ready to play a central role in zero emission, heavy-duty and long haul transport.

The video is in Dutch but has both Dutch and English subtitles (below).


Watch the H2-Share VIDEO!

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