Welcome to our knowledge portal on the application of hydrogen technology in heavy-duty logistics.

In order to reach deep decarbonisation in the transport sector, we need a game changing alternative for the use of fossil fuels. Battery-only trucks can operate efficiently and clean in urban areas. With hydrogen technology they can operate over a longer range on more demanding routes and offer full road flexibility.

The H2-Share project aims to gather information and facilitate knowledge sharing in the sector. Among other things, you will find an overview of current projects worldwide, technical specifications and learning experiences on this website. In sharing this information H2-Share aims to show that hydrogen and fuel cell technology is ready to play a central role in zero-emission heavy-duty transport.


Hydrogen powered heavy-duty vehicles:

  • reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality
  • can operate in low emission zones
  • offer improved driver comfort due to low noise
  • provide high mileage (a fuel cell hydrogen range extender in combination with a battery offers more energy, and thus more mileage/range, without sacrificing a lot of volume and weight)
  • carry heavy weights (the more weight that needs to be transported by the truck, the more energy the truck needs to move these goods. So heavy-duty trucks with a hydrogen range extender are an ideal combination)
  • refuel quickly (hydrogen can be refuelled very quickly so this is a big advantage when you compare with battery electric trucks)
  • can be deployed in a diverse number of ways (inner city, inter city & long haul)
  • have fast and smooth acceleration
  • have standardised connections between truck equipment and refuelling stations
  • have a higher energy efficiency compared to diesel engines
  • have higher power and torque benefits compared to diesel engines


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