Manufacturer ESORO
Gross Vehicle Weight 34ton combined with trailer
Battery 120kWh (2x60)
Range 375-400km
Fuel cell capacity 100kW
Power total 250kW
H2 Storage 31kg @ 350 bar
Torque (TBA)
Fuel cell manufacturer Swiss hydrogen
Status Demonstration started 2017.Not fully operational anymore.

The approval came after 3,500 kilometres of testing and an intensive cooperation with the Zurich Road Traffic Department.
The entire trailer has an approved maximum weight of 35 tons. The range with one tank of hydrogen is 400 kilometers. Refueling takes about nine minutes. The truck has a refrigerated body as well as a refrigerated trailer and will supply the branches of the Coop distributor with fresh produce. It has energy-hungry ancillary components such as cooling systems and hydraulic lifts.

Hydrogen storage unit
Behind the driver’s cab, a rack holds seven carbon fibre tanks with a pressure capacity of 350 bar; these are situated directly on the refrigerated body. These tanks provide the truck with maximum 31 kg of hydrogen. The high-pressure hydrogen storage units are subject to strict inspection regulations and are specified and certified for mobility use.

The hydrogen is produced by electrolysis from H2Energy at the IBAarau hydropower plant and then taken to the Coop-Pronto refuelling station in nearby Hunzenschwil.

The project partners are: Coop, H2Energy, Swiss Hydrogen, Powercell, Ceekon/Emoss.