Technical data

Max. Gross Vehicle Weight 4.5ton
Battery capacity 42kWh
Range 200 (125)km (mls)
Power fuel cell 20 kW
Power 47 (63)kW (hp)
Torque 270 (200)Nm (lb.ft)


The vehicle was used on a mail and package collection route, which was mainly rural. It is equipped with 2 tanks of 75 liters each to store 4 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 90 km/h and the payload is 1 tonne.

The field test enabled Renault Trucks to explore all potential avenues of hydrogen technology under actual operating conditions. The company’s purpose behind this project is to support European metropolitan areas in their goal of limiting air and noise pollution emissions, through testing innovative vehicles that produce zero emissions and that in the near term should become economically viable for customers.

For La Poste, Hydrogen stands out as an efficient solution for extending the possibilities of the electric vehicle product line and its autonomy. The partners are combining their efforts in pursuit of launching in France a viable hydrogen-powered transport alternative. Like for conventional electric vehicles, the true emergence of this sector will require rallying industry, users and public policy behind these efforts.