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BLUEPOWER is an in-house developed, electric drive concept that combines hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology to increase vehicle range. FAUN’s BLUEPOWER concept is a direct evolution of the FAUN DUALPOWER technology. The Group has channelled the experience it has gained in this area since 2006 into this innovation and will start testing it in 2019.

During household waste collection, refuse vehicles have to stop frequently. This can be every few meters in densely populated areas. With a conventional chassis, a lot of energy is lost in this way and particulate matter is created when braking.

The two vehicles showcased by FAUN are electrically powered and also brake electrically. This means that a lot of the braking energy can be stored in the batteries and used to accelerate. As a result, the vehicles use up to 40 percent less energy. They do not emit CO2 or NOx and produce less particulate matter. They are also much quieter. Making the noise of conventional waste disposal vehicles a thing of the past.