Technical data

Manufacturer Nikola
Gross Vehicle Weight 36ton
Battery 250kWh
Range 500-750miles
Fuel cell capacity (TBA)
Power total 1.000hp
Torque 2.000ft.lbs
H2 Storage (TBA)
Fuel cell manufacturer Powercell
Status Serial production expected '22-'23


100% Electric – Nikola One has a 335 horsepower electric motor and a dual gear reduction at every wheel (6×6). Combined, Nikola One outputs over 2,000 horsepower and over 3,700 ft. lbs. of torque before gear reduction and nearly 86,000 ft. lbs. of instant torque after gear reduction. The truck’s six electric motors produce superior horsepower, torque, acceleration, pulling and stopping power over any class 8 truck on the road.

It can hit 60 mph from a stop in 30 seconds and is also capable of to climbing a six percent grade at maximum weight at 65 mph. Benefits of removing the diesel engine include a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a larger and more aerodynamic cab and a significantly quieter and more comfortable ride. The semi is a fully automated vehicle with nearly 30% more cabin space for optimal comfort. There’s a full smart computer within every truck to give the driver full real-time data, a 21-inch monitor, wifi-4G connectivity,…

U.S. Xpress will be involved in real-world testing of the trucks. The Nikola hydrogen electric semi-trucks will begin testing with fleets in 2019 and begin full production in 2021 in Buckeye, Arizona. Nikola has already received a large amount in pre-order reservations (it offers a 72-month/one million-mile lease program that includes unlimited hydrogen). The One was quickly followed up by a smaller model appropriately named Two.

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